27 April 2012

Memorializing Bed-Time Routines

We've been buying wall art.  Vinyl decals and transfers to supplement our massive collection of frames.  I like trees and nature themed transfers and other more abstract designs.  My wife is into quotes and words.  In a previous post, I detailed my bedtime routine with Cooper.  Now that we have moved into a smaller house and Dexter is out of his crib, the boys share a room and share bunk beds.  Cooper, the older of the boys, claimed the top bunk.  Our routine was instantly altered because I no longer lay with him while he falls asleep.  But the rest of the routine remains largely unchanged.

A main part of the routine that has been in place since Cooper was two years old is our recitation of the nice words.  The words, lifted from Sandra Boynton's Night Night Little Pookie  take about a minute to recite.  My wife suggested we purchase a custom vinyl decal with the words (a not insignificant investment).  Of course I bristled at the expense, but the words have been a significant part of our lives for some time.  Thinking about it, I realized we are closer to Cooper's fifth birthday than his fourth.  Dexter hasn't latched onto the nice words the way that Cooper did (in fact he has not self-weened as early as his brother did and his Dad is not a central feature of his bedtime routine which is basically story time and nursing).  It occurred to me we are on a countdown.  The nice words probably don't have much time left.  Cooper gets more independent every day, and I'm so proud of him.  But I don't want to let go.  But I don't think he'll want the words on his wall, and I'm not sure he'll want the words in his life much longer.

Hopefully I'm wrong.

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